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I am a recent graduate of the Grace School of Music and South County High School and I can tell you that learning from Mr. Seidel was a wonderful and rewarding experience.  I took lessons for 9 years and I loved every minute of it.  He is patient and is able to teach the hardest of music and make you believe that you can do it.

Halle Lynam


My students mean the world to me and there is nothing I enjoy more than teaching the greatest gift of piano.  Athletics may come and go....but the piano stays with you forever!

Lenny Seidel


Lenny is a wonderful instructor with a passion for the great works. He has an extensive knowledge of piano repertoire and always demonstrates genuine kindness and eagerness towards his students. He is intentional about encouraging young pianists to learn challenging pieces and push themselves at the keyboard, but doesn't burden them with more than they can handle. I spent 13 years with him as my instructor, and he broadened my understanding of and appreciation for the piano immensely.

Ethan Butterbaugh

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